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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  February 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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control met with the governor and lieutenant governor for a strategy session. the roots of her crusade go back to march 30, 1981. his press secretary sara's husband was shot and left paralyzed and permanently disabled. the shooter remains in a psychiatric facility. sarah brady has a solid track record. she lobbied for a ban on saturday night specials and support of bill and hemlocks for handguns and ballistic fender fingerprinting of gun cases. >> would be like about it? >> the licensing and the fingerprint checks and the safety training. gregg's according to a new poll, public opinion favors new gun-control measures. 81% support criminal background checks and safety training and all are elements of the governor's proposal. there is an army of lobbyists
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from the nra. these>> what we're seeing is win sheep's clothing. they have dramatically increased their presence and hired lobbyists to have an air of being on the other side of these issues. in almost creates a halo effect. >> the gun industry has pumped $75,000 in campaign funds to maryland officials since 2006. mike miller tops the list. he expressed concerns about licensing. sarah brady is not intimidated. to convinceo se legislators with common sense. a the governor's bill faces
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key vote tomorrow. a committee will decide whether to send it to the senate floor. david collins, wbal tv 11 news. >> state officials confirmed the city police department had no authority to be using their center ford police training. a trainee was critically shot and wounded by police instructor last week. >> we're learning more tonight about what was not in place and what did not happen before an instructor grabbed the wrong gun and fired. the city was at the roseville center without authorization. the city did not request authorization to use the facility, and health department spokesperson told us.
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a police training from the university of maryland police force was critically shot and wounded. the instructor pulled the wrong weapon and fired while trying to scare trainees away from a window. sources say he meant to use his training weapon. yesterday the police commissioner called the incident a major procedural breakdown. sources familiar said there were no written safety procedures for that kind of training called active shooter training. no surgeon was on site to act as a supervisor. no safety officer was there to ensure proper precautions were taken. all sources say should have been in place. the training happened after lunch break. investigators are looking whether the current breakdown when the instructors return from lunch but failed to cross check each other for the presence of a live weapon. the other instructor there at the time also serves as the driver for the commissioner. as we reported yesterday,
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baltimore county does have an agreement with the state to use the rosewoods site for training. it prohibits live weapons and requires the state to give a day's notice the site will be used. are dead after a murder-suicide in northeast baltimore that happened at 615 last evening. authorities say the female victim, candace baird was shot and killed by an ninth -- and unidentified man who shot and killed himself. >> the city law firm makes it clear it is mounting a case against johns hopkins hospital for damages in the case of a gynecologist to videotape and photographed his patience. >> city police and federal law
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enforcement officials continued to investigate this case. we are learning more exactly how dr. levy took these pictures apparently by using various spy devices to take those pictures and now with hundreds of victims contacting the baltimore city police department, we've also heard that a law firm is mounting a very large lawsuit. >> i will tell you now that the damages suffered by these people i've met are serious. >> an attorney tells us his baltimore office has been fielding calls around the clock from concerned patients of the now-deceased dr. levy. johns hopkins officials confirmed that levy, a gynecologist, had been fired 10 days before committing suicide for inappropriately videotaping and photograph in his patients during appointments. >> it has been [inaudible] let's put it that way. >> the law firm has experience
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with these cases, recently winning a judgment for victims in delaware after pediatrician dr. earl bradley was found guilty of taking videos and sexually abusing his patients. police tell 11 news through their investigation and has been revealed that dr. levy was using all types of surveillance type equipment to photograph and video his patients including using a pen that had a camera inside similar to this one that we found on the internet. police also say investigators found more than half a dozen servers, not hard drives but servers full of pictures and videos. he hopes hopkins does the right thing and settles that of course. >> they were shocked and dismayed, distraught. i have not met with one who has not asked for psychiatric and-or other counseling. they are in need of that. they have had their faith in the medical system shaken. >> he tells us he plans on filing that lawsuit in the coming days.
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one final reminder. any possible victims of dr. lee be looking for help, we have a number of phone numbers on our website. -- dr. levy, looking for help, we have a number of phone numbers on our website, >> a major announcement from the pentagon. secretary leon panetta warned congress that hundreds of thousands of civilian workers could be furloughed and soon. >> if a series of automatic spending cuts hit next week. nikole killion has details. >> if these furloughs going to affect it would mean forced time off and less pay. at the pentagon a sobering announcement. >> we feel we do not have any choice but to impose furloughs. we would much prefer not to do it. >> officials laid out their plans to furlough 800,000 workers if automatic spending
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cuts known as sequestration go into effect march 1. >> the furloughs are enacted civilians were -- will experience a 20% decrease in their pay between late april and september. as a result, many families will be forced to make difficult decisions. >> in a letter to john boehner, leon panetta warned their deductions would put us on a pass to a hollow force. and john kerry said the fiscal impact threatens america's credibility. >> there is nothing in this current budget fight that requires us to make bad decisions. >> military -- a military analyst said the impact will not only be felt globally but especially on the local level. >> many of the defense department's civilian jobs are not in washington. they are at shipyards and at military vehicle depots. there at financing centers, at local bases and installations around the country so this
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affects all 50 states. >> and civilian workers would be exempted from the furloughs like those in combat zones or essential personnel. >> we are trying to track down maryland's newest millionaire. >> the winning ticket was sold in mount airy. we will give you more details when we return. >> this time wearing something other than a helmet and shoulder pads getting ready to step back into the spotlight. >>
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another big lottery area in our area. >> officials say the winning ticket was bought in mt. airy, worth $26 million. any luck yet? >> it is not me there. i did not win $26 million. no one here seems to have a clue who one, either. lottery officials say they hope the winner has signed the back of the ticket and will come in close isoon to win their prize. >> the town is abuzz with excitement and speculation after learning tuesday night's winning millions ticket was sold at the shell station on lakeview drive. >> it is a big deal. i am thrilled for the people that got it. i think it is awesome. i wish them the best. >> who that winner is remains a
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mystery. no one has come for get at have quarters -- at headquarters to claim the jackpot. >> most people take the lump sum. $12.60 million to the winner and the state wins because maryland will get $1.60 million in tax revenue as a result. >> people call and came into the station asking about the winning ticket. >> they are just asking. they said i did not buy it last night. some are saying maybe i should buy from your store last night. >> it would be nice to win. thesurprised to see some of cameras here already. >> no one has any idea who the winner might be. they have 182 days to come forward and claim the prize but so far they're keeping it to themselves. >> i imagine someone here in town. i would hope so. >> i wish i was the one who had the ticket. i think it is great.
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>> tecolote get your tickets. this winning numbers -- the winning bynenumbers. only one to get out there has the combination of winning numbers. -- ticket out there has the combination of winning numbers. >> a cold front was making its way through baltimore 24 hours ago. we had some rain on hd doppler. some scattered rain showers around baltimore. some snow near pittsburgh and cleveland. it swept in pretty good last night. with cold air and the gusty winds and some flurries, we saw some flurries from time to time tracking through a central and northern maryland. a dramatically different weather picture around the mid-atlantic in 24 hours. the high temperature was before dawn. the residual of that air was
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still hanging around. most of the temperatures were around 35 or lower. we're dropping quick. we will go below that 30-degree reading before midnight to set a new low for the day. there is the normal. today we are going to see temperatures averaged out quite a bit below the normal for this time of year. 30 degrees. we're at the new low for the day. or tying below for the day. 36 in salisbury. 18 @ trost berk. only half the story because it has been a windy day. winds are gusting up to 25 miles an hour. the higher wind gusts down near the bay. you factor that into the cold and is a bundle up night ahead of us. the wind chill feels like it is down around 15 in baltimore and carroll counties. below zero wind chills out of oakland at this hour. clear in breezy and cold tonight. 17 to 25. the wind chill at night will get
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down in the single digits. this coal there is still coming across the lakes that produces the clouds and flurries and snow showers. a storm forming at the southwest producing some snow in southern sections of arizona. the cold air down there and that system will be tracking in our direction and it will hit the cold there we have here and late friday we could have some snow and sleet developing. we hope to get that friday evening rush hour in. tomorrow, things look pretty nice. sunny and breezy and cold. temperatures below normal even with the sunshine. here comes that southwestern system into the mountains by 3:30 p.m. it is looking good for our friday evening rush hour. if the timing remains as it is right now. it would sneak into baltimore after sunset and snow or sleet friday night could accumulate a couple of inches into baltimore into southern pennsylvania. then it changes to all rain statewide on saturday. maybe some snow and sleet in the western maryland mountains.
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some sloppy weather friday night. 35 to 40 tomorrow. a nice and sunny day but breezy and cold. on the bay, a small craft advisory for gusts up to 30 knots. in the mountains there in the teens. it will be warmer tomorrow but not by much. the wintry mix arrives on friday. eastern shore locations, nice and sunny skies. breezy and chili and a rain- sleets genomics your credit night. sunshine tomorrow on the coast and rain later friday. the 74 cast around baltimore. mid-40's is normal. we will see -- get back to 45 with rain on saturday and clearing up sunday. another storm organizing for tuesday and wednesday next week. >> from the susquehanna bank sports center, this is 11 sports. >> some health issues in the early days of spring training. there is a further evaluation of the start of acid reflux.
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they head into the season with a strong left side of the infield since they have had. sensational a defense and a lot of upside. hardy of to see his batting average rebound from last season. he like the consistency in the roster from a year ago. along with the experience they did not have a year ago at spring training. >> it is pretty much the same team. we got a little more depth. saying -- staying pretty much the same. the lineup is more experienced. everything we did last year we should be better at this year. >> ray lewis will remain in the football spotlight. holding the microphone according to sports illustrated. he's been -- espn has confirmed hiring louis as an analyst.
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lewis has not yet signed his contract with espn which explains why they have not yet made a public announcement. for all the progress the men's basketball team made toward getting a bid by beating duke, the terps did some damage. they did not resemble the team that beat duke three days earlier. and tying the game at 20. and hitting three straight trees, finishing with 26 points. maryland of one until oliver heads 26 points for handling of the 69-58, leading with five regular-season games left. tom tasselmyer is back with the
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seven day forecast. and the answer to when it will ever get around to warming up.
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taiex the i-team tracks and a lengthy and rare legal battle involving a woman named virginia. she cannot speak. the emotional and sometimes bitter debate about where she should live is speaking volumes. we have a preview. >> chances are tonight's i.t. report will deeply divide viewers. it involves a 68-year-old woman with profound intellectual disabilities. and the debate over where she should live. for nearly 10 years, she has been at the middle of an emotional and bitter tug of war. where should virginia live? and who will decide that? because va cannot speak,
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teterboro sides are speaking for. the state which wants her to remain in a community in a group home, and her devoted legal guardian, who some say wants to turn back the clock by returning virginia to an institution. >> don't you dare tell me where virginia needs to live. we're not looking at the same thing. >> we follow this unusual case -- followed this unusual case for months. what will it mean for virginia? what will it mean for virginia?
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? checking on the forecast. >> sunny skies, breezy, and cold. 30 degrees and a chance for some snow and sleet lead in the evening friday. changing over to rain on saturday. temperatures stay below normal for a couple of days before we get into the 40's for the weekend and another storm rules are way tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> friday night bomber. >> it got through quick enough. >> thanks for joining us. >> abc nightly news -- nbc nightly news is next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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